A smarter flight plan

Founded by industry veterans in 2002, Vx Capital’s approach to equipment leasing combines deep aviation experience with unique financial insight. Together with our partners, we have invested approximately $1 billion since inception. Specializing in mid life commercial aircraft and engines, we identify market opportunities throughout the business cycle.

Independent ownership, independent thinking

As a privately owned and aviation-specific company, Vx Capital is free to think creatively – to structure deals that are mutually beneficial to our investment and airline partners. More nimble than larger companies, we craft smart investments and maintain a strong focus through all transactions and every phase of ownership.

Principal investment, principled practices

Whether we’re crafting a single-investor deal or a promising partnership with experienced investors, one fact remains constant: Vx invests. Modeled on merchant banks, we originate deals, source equity partners and secure debt financing. Our expertise ranges from cargo conversions to selling and refinancing assets. We maximize returns by unlocking hidden value.