Fleet management made simpler

Outsourcing part of the fleet management function allows carriers to focus their resources on the core mission of operating aircraft and serving passengers. Vx offers airlines full-service, full-platform leasing that delivers reliably and consistently across the lifespan of leased aircraft. Our goal? Profitable and successful airline customers.


Increase profitability

Our lease programs are designed for flexibility. We offer lease extensions and rolling lease maturities, allowing carriers to renew, upsize or downsize as needed. Scheduling replacement aircraft to coincide with expiring leases, maintenance upon redelivery and restructuring lease terms are a few of the potential options.


Smooth transitions

Vx technical services include full maintenance, repair and overhaul of all aircraft equipment. Our integration services include interior, avionics, engine thrust and weight upgrades to deliver aircraft as specified. We carry over maintenance programs from previous operators to ensure a seamless transition, working closely with all parties to devise and formalize the best approach. The result is stress-free aircraft delivery, on time and within budget.

Conserve capital

Leasing flight equipment requires less capital than owning it. With less capital tied up in equipment, airlines can invest in other areas of their business. Equity is generated from existing equipment through sale/leaseback transactions. Vx aims to provide liquidity to carriers when they need it most.