Why invest in real assets?


For investors seeking protection against rising inflation, real assets are key. Vx investments preserve value, generate positive cash flow, protect against inflation and spread risk through diversification. Furthermore, investors seeking portfolio stability can invest directly in aircraft leases, avoiding the volatile public market altogether. For fifteen years, our investors have relied on Vx to help them meet a variety of objectives, ranging from preservation of capital and portfolio diversification to the capture of attractive yields and cash flow multiples.

Our strong preference is to invest alongside our partners, minimizing conflicts of interest. We work with family offices, private wealth managers, private equity firms and institutional investors. With our financial partners, we develop a mutual expectation of what comprises an attractive investment. As we find opportunities, we anticipate which of our partners will be a good fit and tailor transactions for them. Although each transaction is unique, the marketing, structuring and documentation across deals are familiar, allowing us to achieve benefits of scale and seize new opportunities quickly. Our partners add value in the areas of sourcing, managing and disposing of co-investments; Vx seals the deal with our commercial aviation expertise.