Making growth happen

We create growth even when markets are at their most challenging. How? In a word, agility. We move quickly to exploit volatility. We buy when aircraft prices are attractive, with limited downside. We’ll even acquire an entire aircraft to secure its marketable engines. Mastering our niche and riding natural business cycles has been good to Vx – and our partners.


Chart your flight

Currently in aviation, there is a changing landscape. Dropping fuel prices are causing aviation experts to question if the massive equipment replacement cycle underway was necessary. What might this mean for investors? Bargains on an entire generation of classic and next-gen aircraft in good condition. When prices are right, we raise capital and make acquisitions. Perhaps most important, we continually study the market, identifying trends that will lead to the next cycle.

Start your engines

Upon acquiring aviation equipment on favorable terms, we begin managing assets with an eye to realizing maximum value. Our strategies include:

  • Placing an aircraft on lease to generate immediate, predictable cash flow.
  • Developing innovative proposals to structure (or restructure) leases and financing.
  • Investing prudently in a purchased aircraft to extend its life including the conversion of passenger aircraft to cargo configuration.
  • Dismantling an aircraft, liberating and leasing its engines.