Vx Values

In aviation, “Vx” is the takeoff speed that ensures the best angle of ascent. But “V” also stands for values, and “X” for exceptional. More than a business enterprise, Vx is a family of people who share a passion for aviation and a core set of values. Our guiding principles are alive in every Vx practice, project and partnership. 

Our goal? To demonstrate these values every day in interactions with customers, partners and colleagues.

Integrity Integrity

We believe in choosing the ethical path.

Fairness Fairness

We believe in open and honest communication.

Perseverance Perseverance

We believe that success requires a strong work ethic.

Concentration Concentration

We believe in staying focused on the final goal.

Collaboration Collaboration

We believe superior results are achieved through team effort.

Authenticity Authenticity

We believe that having fun and being ourselves helps us succeed.