Maximize Your Velocity with Vx

Vx Capital Partners is an aviation investment firm based in San Francisco.

Who We Are

Our experienced leadership team has deep industry relationships and a successful track record of buying, leasing and trading commercial aircraft and engines throughout numerous investment cycles.
From cargo conversions and sale-leasebacks, to fleet acquisitions and engine leasing, our full-service platform offers a wide range of solutions to our valued airline customers.

What is Vx?

Vx is an aviation term for the airspeed that allows an aircraft to climb to altitude within the shortest horizontal distance after takeoff. Pilots select Vx when there are obstacles such as mountains in their flight path.

Vx Capital Partners embodies this spirit, with a reputation for flying high with exceptional skill.

A Strategic Approach

In 2010, Vx purchased a Boeing 737 from a North American airline for leaseback. When the customer encountered difficulties, Vx negotiated a settlement for the early return of the aircraft.