The Vx Platform

Vx’s hands-on approach to leasing and asset management maximizes value for our customers and investors at every stage of the aircraft lifecycle. Our full-service platform realizes opportunities throughout the aviation market, from new aircraft to end of life equipment.


From a single jet to an entire sub-fleet, Vx has purchased aircraft from airlines, OEMs and other lessors.
We help airlines raise capital and achieve flexibility through sale/leasebacks or outright purchases. Lessors sell aircraft to us with or without leases attached. Vx has built a reputation for fair dealing and successful closings.

Leasing & Sales

Vx offers flexible leasing deals involving in-demand aircraft to help our airlines meet their operational and financial goals.
We sell assets to airlines, other leasing companies, MROs and part-out shops. We value our relationships with our trading partners and are proud to have earned repeat business from many clients over the years.

Asset Management

Led by our technical, legal and marketing teams, Vx’s integrated approach to asset management leverages in-house expertise with a best-in-class network of vendors and contractors.
This platform supports our global, around the clock presence, complementing our leasing and trading activities. Vx is the world leader in 737 conversions, with over 25 completed to date.

Investing & Financing

Vx’s superior customer service and aviation market expertise combined with financial acumen yields successful investments.
We have a long track record of delivering positive returns to our equity and debt partners. Our strong relationships within the aviation finance community enable us to provide win-win solutions for our customers and investors.