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We’ve assembled a comprehensive investment platform that extends from aircraft origination and marketing to technical expertise and financing. As a result, our deals work seamlessly, across every operational area. That means predictable outcomes, fewer headaches and smoother transactions as we guide each investment to completion.

Vx expertise:  Industry knowledge. Financial acumen.


We market aircraft to operators, offering smart, transparent leases that ensure flexibility for carriers and a fair return for investors. For sellers, Vx offers flexible deal structures, minimal contingencies and expedited closing timelines. Once we make a purchase we may work to extend the useful life of our aircraft by completing a cargo conversion or performing upgrades to enhance engine thrust performance or weight ratings. As aircraft return off lease, we enforce the lease return condition and translate that into cash or equipment value.

Technical Expertise

When delivering an aircraft, we oversee the labor-intensive work that goes into maintenance and integration and cargo conversions. For instance, we’re prepared to update or upgrade an aircraft’s avionics or interior, provide an airframe check or have an engine assessed at one of our affiliated shops. We regularly convert passenger aircraft into cargo configuration. As much of the value in mid life aircraft lies in engines, we determine their maintenance condition and potential for future operation. In some cases, this may include a detailed analysis of the cost and risks associated with repairing or overhauling an engine to recoup its full potential.

Finance & Analysis

Vx brings deep experience in analyzing credit and managing risk to every deal, a crucial ingredient in successful aircraft investment. Our investment committee begins transaction evaluation with a detailed financial analysis covering a broad spectrum of metrics. We work with airlines and investment partners to fund innovative transactions involving aircraft, engines and loan portfolios in deals that combine equity, both levered and unlevered; senior and subordinated debt; bank lines; and asset-backed securities. Our origination team works closely with its counterparts to ensure that transactions are executed efficiently and professionally.


We believe that negotiating good contracts is integral to the success of a leasing transaction. At Vx, we rely on in-house legal counsel to ensure the quality and conformity of each document we sign. Longstanding partnerships with aviation law experts allow us to draw on a diverse pool of specialists when required. Our administrative staff maintains a sharp focus on tracking and compliance to ensure that Vx obtains maximum value through all of its agreements.


We take a strategic approach to tax planning in order to unlock the power of accelerated depreciation. In most cases, we segregate deals and consult outside auditors to ensure exemplary financial reporting. Contract Administration tracks our lessees’ compliance with the lease and our own compliance with loan and lease agreements.