18 Mar

Vx Sells 737-400 to Nolinor Aviation

Vx has sold one 737-400 passenger aircraft to Nolinor Aviation in Canada. The aircraft, manufactured in 1989, was purchased by Vx from Japan TransOcean in 2010 and leased to a North American charter airline. Vx subsequently repossessed the aircraft and leased it to AlbaStar in Spain, where it operated for 8 years. Following redelivery from AlbaStar in December 2019, Vx sold the aircraft to Nolinor, who intends to operate the aircraft for many years to come. Will Hudson, President of Vx, commented that “Vx is pleased to add Nolinor to our list of valued customers. This Canadian airline’s extensive history with 737 legacy aircraft allowed for an efficient and transparent transaction. We look forward to conducting business with Nolinor in the future.”

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